Random SSIS Advice: Limit using data flow tasks that sort, union, join

When using a Data Flow Task in Integration Services, try to avoid data manipulations such as unions, sorts and joins using data flow tasks. Try to include all join, sort and union operations within your source queries itself. This way, you can do away with run-time issues that crop up when running your package with large amounts of data. Usually various memory restriction errors.

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Now Everyone Can BI

If you had flown AirAsia, you would probably know where I stole the title to this post from. Microsoft did the same thing too. Heh heh! No, not the stealing bit, but providing for (almost) every small organization to use BI – Something which only the big bucks could afford.

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My Data Mart is Better than Your Data Warehouse

Everyone talks about data warehouses when it comes to business intelligence (BI); but seldom about data marts. They mostly ignore the term ‘data mart’ even though it is what they are actually working with. Even yours truly is guilty of that more often than not. Alright, so what’s so ding-dong special about a data mart? And what’s this fuss that I’m trying to pull?

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Query Accelerator – for SQL Server

I have designed an interesting tool to be used with database systems. Currently, it is designed to work with SQL Server, and shall soon support other major database systems.

Named Query Accelerator, it does just that: accelerate the execution of slow running queries. It has the capability to accelerate queries in varying degrees of speeds. But, the most interesting aspect of it is that it is a piece of hardware, powered by USB. Measuring just 2 inches in height, it is a very convenient tool that DBAs can carry around, plug it into the offending server and run it according to how the DBA sees fit.

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