The Analytics Pane in Power BI

The August 2016 edition on Power BI Desktop introduces a new pane named “Analytics” right next to the “Fields” and “Format” panes. Now, this title probably gave you, just as it did for me, a racing heart and goosebumps. However when you actually go to the pane, you just blurt out a disappointed “oh…”. Well, not that it is bad, you have options such as adding a percentile line, median line, trend line and a few more. But one would expect to see a little bit more with respect to analytics.

One thing that you do find is a forecast line, which for now works on a single-measure line chart. It’s pretty neat, but as advanced analytics go requires enough data points in order give you a good forecast. Of course this is just the start. We’re sure to see more analytic capabilities in the future.

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