Keeping up with Power BI

Power BI, or even other self-service business intelligence tools have very short release cycles. A set of features that you see wished for, magically appears the next month. You deem yourself a Power BI expert, a few months of working on another project, you come back, you see the changes that Power BI has gone through; it is enough to make you feel incompetent a grown man cry. For example, just last month, when I was speaking at SQLSaturday in Nepal, a question was posed as to how one could implement row-level security in Power BI. I answered that it was only possible via Analysis Services live connection. And guess what, perusing through some articles a few days later I come across that Microsoft had in fact announced role based security for Power BI (to secure rows).

To keep up with all these madness, there needs to be a method; and Microsoft provides means for the methods, and here’s a list of them that you could use to keep yourself sane with the changes going on with Power BI:

The Power BI blog: an invaluable site that publishes announcements in detail as to what is coming, what has been released in the latest update, and innovations etc. A bi-weekly read (at the beginning and the end of the week) to keep your mind afresh of what’s being going on.

The Power BI twitter handle: Keeps you up to date as to what’s new with links to the blog, things you can learn about, what Power BI enthusiasts are up to, tips and tricks and juicy tidbits. A daily read in the morning and in the evening is recommended.

The Power BI community: A wonderful way of getting to know what issues people like yourself are coping with, what solutions are out there, or you could even jump in and help. A weekly glance through is recommended, with additional time spent on something tht interests you.

So the next time you feel overwhelmed by what Power BI has become, I’m sure you wouldn’t really feel it.

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