Configuring Power BI Integration with Reporting Services

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), the de-facto reporting tool in the Microsoft business intelligence stack has been losing attention while its cousin Power BI, has been stealing the limelight with updates and goodies coming out at a regular pace. While, Power BI is a nice little tool for flashy reports and dashboards, it lacks the features to build complex reports. But that is just how Power BI is meant to be used. But once in a while there comes a requirement where someone might think that it would be nice to have a portion of an SSRS report pinned onto a Power BI dashboard – SQL Server 2016 makes this possible.

When configuring Reporting Services in SQL Server 2016 (I’ve noticed it beginning CTP3) using the Reporting Services Configuration Manager, you will see a new tab for Power BI Integration.



All you have to do is hit the Register with Power BI button and sign in to your Power BI account, and you are registered!


The next post on this theme would be more in-depth where I’ll get into the next steps…

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