Proactive Caching: Automatic Processing would not start

I had proposed using proactive caching for a near real-time cube, and the idea was that when the ETL was done every five minutes, proactive caching should automatically kick in to process the cube.

Seemed simple. Configuration was simple. And it worked as expected on development and QA environments. But on UAT, proactive caching would simply not start. Everything was configured just as it was on dev and QA. Permissions were also perfect, but for some reason proactive caching would simply not kick in to automatically process the cube once the underlying table was updated. The ETL runs every 5 minutes and takes only a minute to update the underlying table, so I knew exactly when silence interval should start telling the analysis services to start processing – yet nothing happened.

I also read this and tried this KB article’s suggestion: KB941153. Again, nothing. After several futile attempts to figure it out, I tried something else based on the idea presented in the mentioned KB article:

  • Switched proactive caching to Scheduled MOLAP mode with a 1-minute schedule
  • Hopefully it starts processing the cube every minute – and it did!
  • Switched back to Automatic MOLAP

and this time it started working – seems like sometimes, proactive caching needs a little push start.

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