Diving for a Smile (or I wrote a chapter for a book!)

I wrote a chapter for a book. An extraordinary book. Written and edited by 64 MVPs. It makes me wonder how I even got into the project that includes so many extraordinary and talented people. I should say that the feeling is very overwhelming and humbling.

The book is called SQL Server MVP Deep Dives Volume 2. It has five parts focusing on the different aspects of SQL Server. None of us authors and editors get any royalty from the book. Everything earned goes towards Operation Smile – which I feel is a very deserving charity among so many others.

The book is available under the Manning Early Access Program (MEAP) which allows you to buy the book before-hand and receive the chapters in electronic format as they become available. You will receive the complete e-book or the printed one, once it is eventually launched. The launch is expected at the 2011 PASS Summit which starts on October 11th.

You could buy the book through the MEAP program here: http://www.manning.com/delaney/. Or you could wait and pick one at the PASS Summit. There will be a book signing at the Summit for those have their copies, since most of the authors will be there.

My chapter is 57, where I talk about using Silverlight Pivotviewer for building simple BI applications.

Credits should go out primarily to Kalen Delaney for spearheading the project, the section editors and all the authors who pitched in with so much enthusiasm; and of course Manning Publishers for a doing a wonderful and patient job working with every one of us.

Please do buy the book. It’s like brightening two hearts with one smile: You gain knowledge and you give to charity.

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