MVP Open Day 2010

Am attending the MVP Open Day 2010 in Hyderabad. This is our second day here, after landing two nights ago. Experience has been so-so so far. The city is closed, so no roaming about. We are located quite a distance away from the city – the IT Park in Gachibowli. Wherever you look around here you see large Construction sites… Concrete… Cranes… More concrete; but I guess 2 years down the line, it would be quite a pretty looking place.

We are up at the Ista Hotel. Very beautiful place. Cool pool. Very friendly people.

Today was our first day at the Microsoft IDC (India Development Center) – Lots of interesting stuff were/are created here, including parts of my favorite Windows yet and parts of SQL Server. Attended a very enlightening session on SQL Azure by Vinod Kumar Jagannathan (Program Manager, SQL Server Manageability Team). One hour – A much much clearer understanding of SQL Azure.

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