T-SQL Best Practices and Coding Standards for Developers – An open presentation

This post is an inspiration from a presentation I did at the SQL Server Sri Lanka User Group’s monthly meeting in July (2009). The target audience of the session were application developers (especially those who do not work with databases much or those who do not like the database part of development)

And, what inspired the presentation? Developers who hate database work. There are so many out there, no offence intended. But they do just that. Hate database work. And then there are those who do not bother much with database work. I’m not labeling them as bad guys or such. They all have their reasons and opinions, but there is just one problem due to this: bad databases. Databases are the foundation of an application. And so, just like the foundations of buildings; if the database is bad, the application comes crashing down. Not today, not next month, not during the next year… But eventually it will. I am in the process of witnessing one such situation these last couple of months.

The presentation intended to take these developers (by the hand) and introduce them to some simple yet important standards and best practices, which they could put into practice in their day to day work in order to build better databases and use the databases efficiently.

The presentation consists of tips along with slide notes of areas which I thought was important. The session at the user group meeting was quite an interactive one where a lot of ideas were shared. This brought about another inspiration: I have shared the PowerPoint file. It is open to all of you to download, add content and email me the updated PowerPoint for me to publish again.

You could email me at gogulaa [at] gmail [dot] com.

Presentation: <<T-SQL Coding Standards And Best Practices for Developers.pptx>>

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