A Minor Irritation in Datadude 2008

There occurs an irritating situation in Datadude 2008 (I hear that it is from GDR1 onwards) during Schema Comparison. I am not sure about Datadude 2005 though. It happens when the source is a project and the target is a database, and you try to write updates to the target. What happens is: nothing happens! The schema comparison screen continues to look exactly as it looked like; showing the differences and what action has to be performed, which is indeed irritating, until of course you open the Error List window.

What happens when you click on the Write Updates button is that; if there is some change which cannot be applied to the database destination such as an action which would add a non-null column without a default to a table with data, or if there is simply a syntax error in the source project such as ADD [NewColumn] varchar10; changes are not applied to the target database. The thing is, the Error List gets updated alright, but it does not pop-up, even when it is hidden. This just gives us the “illusion” that nothing happens. Also, in case there is a syntax error such as in the latter scenario; the Export to Editor button gets grayed out.

Datadude 2008 Schema Comparison Issue

This may be a minor issue, but it sure irritates when you didn’t know it before hand. Solution: whenever you experience that updates are not written to the target database or if the Export to Editor button is grayed out, all you have to do is open the Error List


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