Slipstreaming SQL Server 2008 SP1


Service pack 1 for SQL Server 2008 was released just a couple of days ago (07-Apr-09), eight months after the RTM. As exciting as it is, I did not want to put up just an ‘SP1 Released’ post, since it may seem a little too ambiguous and also since I had already done it on the ‘Universe‘…
One feature of this service pack is that it allows for administrators to slipstream it into the main product, hence when new SQL Server 2008 installations are required, they could just install it along with SP1 in one go. This obviously saves time and money. Put that together with the fact that many people haven’t gone ahead with SQL Server 2008 yet; you’ll have a lot of happy administrators when their organizations finally decide to go ahead with implementing SQL Server 2008.
I just tried creating my own slipstreamed SQL Server 2008 with SP1 drop (following these steps), coupling in the latest version of Books Online as well. The only issue was that the final size of the entire folder was more than 5GB, which requires me to compress it if I need to burn it onto a DVD. Isn’t it nice, when things just (almost) work…?

3 thoughts on “Slipstreaming SQL Server 2008 SP1

  1. Can someone make a program that automatically do that. The input is the media source and service pack path and the output is slipstream sp1 of Sql Server 2008.


  2. With x86, x64 and I64 versions all combined in the installation media it has gotten to big. The slipstreaming made it just bigger, so I removed the x64 and i64 folders and it seems to install just fine on x86 desktop.


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